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Keeping Your Employees & Customers Safe

As a business, you have a lot of responsibilities, from providing your customers an excellent product or service that they can depend upon to providing jobs for people who rely on your business so that they can help support their families. In addition, you are also responsible for keeping those under your commercial roof safe, which means you need a reliable roof that will withstand the forces of nature and more

Schmucker Roofing offers the best commercial metal roofing in Fort Wayne. Our roofers have years of experience ensuring your business' roof is strong, durable, and requires little maintenance. We offer high-quality products installed with precision and care, so you can rest assured knowing your commercial roof will stand the tests of time. Contact our local roofers today to get started!

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  • Lasts for decades
  • Extremely durable
  • Little maintenance required
  • Lightweight materials
  • Offers unique curb appeal
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Resistant to fire
  • Helps save on utility costs
  • And more!

Small business owners have a lot on their plate, from juggling employee hiring and training to ensuring your products arrive on time and that your sidewalk is shoveled when the snow falls in Fort Wayne. There is just so much to take care of that it can be quite easy to overlook your commercial roof — until it's too late. Usually, by the time you notice a leaky roof, the damage has been done, and you're in need of a roof repair.

Schmucker Roofing in Fort Wayne offers commercial metal roofing systems for your business. Whether you've noticed a leaky roof, or your roof is just looking worse for the wear, our experienced team can help. We offer free roof estimates. Below, we'll take a brief look at some of the many benefits of a commercial metal roof. Call us today!

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One of the best benefits of metal roofing is its longevity. Most metal roofs last well over 50 years and usually much longer, especially if you invest in regular roofing maintenance and inspections. They also are highly resistant to mold, fungus, and roof rot. Schmucker Roofing offers commercial metal roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Fort Wayne area.

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Most of you know that metal is one of the strongest substances on earth. Thus, when you invest in a metal roofing system for your small business, you are investing in a top-notch roof that will withstand rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, and the sun's harsh UV rays. This also adds to your metal roof's longevity since it won't need to be replaced every time an errant hail storm rolls through Fort Wayne.

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Aesthetic Value

Metal roofs add to the aesthetic of your commercial property. They are usually unique to the area, making them stand out more from the crowd. They come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes. And commercial metal roofing comes in different types of roofing, allowing for complete customization. Call Schmucker Roofing in Fort Wayne for all of your metal roofing system questions.


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Schmucker Roofing in Fort Wayne offers the best commercial metal roofing systems. When it comes to a roof for your business, you need the best. Don't take a chance on less experienced and unprofessional local roofers. Our friendly roofers offer unparalleled customer service, affordable roofing materials, and exceptional quality. We aim to exceed your expectations every time. Call us today!



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